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The Parents guide to Sensory Integration Disorders

The most comprehensive guide to understanding anything related to sensory issues...

Neuro-Crying, Neuro-Irritability, or Pain?

Mothers often know what is happening medically with their children long before...

Core Muscles: Building a Solid Foundation

More and more children have a weak set of core muscles, which impacts...

Life Expectancy in Children with Cerebral Palsy

Life span is among a parent’s immediate concerns for a child...

Anxious Children and their Anxious Thoughts

Recognising common repetitive thoughts that anxious children have...

The Meltdown

Possibly the most difficult and exhausting aspect of being a parent of an autistic child is dealing with meltdowns...

A Toileting Taboo: Kids and Incontinence

Pee and poop. We all do it. But what if you couldn’t control when you ‘went?'

What’s the Problem with School for Boys?

Why don’t young boys do as well as girls in school? 

Doose Syndrome

Myoclonic-Astatic Epilepsy, otherwise known as Doose Syndrome is a rare, severe, intractable epilepsy of early childhood.

The Double-Edged Sword Of Compensation: How the gifted Cope with Learning Disabilities

Recognition of learning disabilities among...

What is Cortical Visual Impairment?

An explanation of what Cortical Visual Impairment is and how you can work with it...

Girls with ADHD Face Unique Challenges

Despite abundant information about ADHD, our understanding of girls’ experience...

Principles for Improving Executive Skills

Executive skills are skills that youngsters need to function independently...

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