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Khanyisa School and Therapy Centre

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    Our vision is to ‘Uncover potential every day’.

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Khanyisa School and Therapy Centre

How we started

Khanyisa began as an intensive developmental centre for children with special needs under the name 'I Can!', where weekly block therapy was provided by a team of health professionals. After too many conversations with too many parents, hearing about their ongoing struggles to find schools that would accept their children because of their varied differences, and/or find a school that was able to cater for their child’s needs, we made a decision to start our own school. Khanyisa Centre officially opened its doors on the 20th January 2013, and has been growing and developing as a place that provides excellent intervention for children with multiple differences since then.

What we do

Khanyisa Centre is a school and therapy centre.

We have established a trans-disciplinary school environment and extra mural programmes that successfully integrates therapy goals and independence into the classroom. Our school environment caters for children from 2 – 12 years of age. Our classes are very small (between 4 – 8 students per class), with a very high staff to student ratio (1:3). In time we believe that our educational environment will expand to cater for children from birth to 18 years.

Khanyisa offers support groups and networking spaces to families of our students and members of the community.

Khanyisa offers a therapy centre service to children who require any one or a combination of the following therapies; Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Group therapy and Educational Psychology from our onsite practitioners. Home and school visits for therapy, can also be arranged.

Khanyisa offers regular training for teachers, facilitators and parents who work with children in various environments.


Our vision is to ‘Uncover potential every day’.

We believe that all children have strengths and potential, and we are passionate and committed to the core about uncovering their potential. We believe that every child also has the ability to learn and excel if they are provided with appropriate learning opportunities, and they can grow to be contributing members of society who have responsibilities and rights.

Imagine if Durban became the epicentre for the country of unlocking the potential of people who have ‘differences’. Imagine a city where people who are termed "disabled" are contributing members of their families, who can love and be loved, and fulfil responsibilities. Imagine a city where people who are termed "different" are dynamic members of society in the business arena, in the music industry, in arts and culture, in medical and educational fields. People who have purpose, and who make a lasting impact in their environments. This is what we see for our students and their futures.

What’s in our heart

We value truth telling and hope spreading. We believe in telling the truth and spreading hope about our students – that yes they may need different things, but wow are they incredible! This is a powerful activator of perspective for our community and society at large, as it removes fear and provides a platform for understanding about people with differences.

We value innovation and creativity. We believe that every problem or different need that we encounter requires a solution, and that with some thought, research and a bit of creative space we can engineer the solutions that allow for continued growth and development of our students.

We value excellence, and we are passionate about pursuing it in every avenue of our organisation, as we believe that excellence demonstrates honour, and honour is the manner in which we believe our students are deserving of.

We value celebration, as we believe that life is a gift, and that every life has potential and immense value. We believe that every step forward made by our students is worth celebrating.

Our students

The students at Khanyisa are truly remarkable human beings! They range in age from 2 – 12 years, and have one or more of the following diagnoses; cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism, attention deficit disorder, specific learning difficulties, severe physical conditions related to organ/immune system damage, genetic abnormalities and low vision and hearing.

We believe that early childhood intervention is absolutely critical, and as such we have programmes for families right from birth where they can receive excellent intervention and support from our incredibly skilled team. We have bridging programmes that allow for a child to successfully transition into a school environment regardless of the skill level and age they are when they enrol.

Contact Us

Tel: 031 561 1863
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ddress: Harrier Crescent, Umhlanga, Durban, Kwazulu Natal. 

Amy Rodger - Khanyisa Centre Director & Founder

Amy qualified from UKZN as an Occupational Therapist in 2007. She has served in both the Public and Private fields as an OT providing services to children with different needs from all backgrounds. She is passionate about pioneering fresh and effective ways of providing excellent education and therapy services in order to make education for ALL children in our county a reality that is achievable. Amy is a wife and a mom of two children – Jordan age 6, and Grace age 5 years, whom she adores with all her heart.



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