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A StepBEYOND Mainstream Education

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    Integrating skills to manage learning difference. Better.

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A StepBEYOND Mainstream Education

EDU360 StepBEYOND School is a registered remedial high school in Johannesburg. Our students require learning support beyond the mainstream schooling environment, to manage their learning difference, better.

The StepBEYOND team is aware of the growing need for high quality remedial teaching in South Africa. We recognise the need to provide a specialist service to students and their families, with diverse learning needs. Our solution is a school framework which inspires our students to reach their learning potential, in a nurturing and structured environment.

Our remedial solution supports students with learning difference. Using SEN (special education needs) techniques, we make the regular curriculum accessible to all our students with special needs requirements.

StepBEYOND School is created and managed by passionate teachers for students who require more support than is available in the mainstream schooling sector. Our teachers are united in their passion to focus and improve upon the potential skills performance of our individual students. We integrate academic support, learning support, remedial support, homework support, SEAL support (social, emotional and attitude to learning) and healthy living support services to create a winning formula which prepares our students for the future job market.

Our entire school community is formed around a campus that welcomes students from every neighbourhood and provides a learning gateway that is connected to the global society.

Our Students

• We offer remedial schooling and support to high school students with a diagnosed learning difficulty, or who possess a historically validated learning difference.
• Our smart classroom design is sufficiently flexible and mobile to respond to the needs of students who require an alternative classroom layout.
• We offer a single level, wheel-chair friendly environment.
• Our prospective students and families prefer to visit us and discover for themselves what makes our offering distinctive.
• Join us for our Discovery Week to learn about our skills-based approach to remedial teaching.

Our students are more than a label or diagnosis; they are unique individuals with specific needs requiring learning support and management. Interpreting a diagnosis of special needs is important to us, however it is also important to emphasise that our understanding of the essence of a student enables us to provide the necessary educational support. We believe that a happy, relaxed and confident child, is a child who learns optimally.

We provide support to learners with the following areas of diagnosed learning difficulty:

• Anxiety disorders directly and indirectly impacting learning performance
• Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
• Coordination and movement disorder
• Autism spectrum difficulties (ASD)
• Dyslexia reading and comprehension difficulties
• General processing and delay type difficulties
• Social and emotional immaturity type difficulties

Our Grade 8 preparation option is popular

Our Grade 8 preparation class offers a bridging solution for scholars that have completed Grade 7 and are not yet ready for Grade 8. It serves as an optional and well-structured opportunity for recapping and consolidating Grade 8 entry-level skills. This option provides reassurance to parents who understand the importance of moving onwards and upwards to a high school environment with the security of a safety net. Parents love our approach – offering a more mature high school setting with the security and structure of a primary school setting.

Limited places are still available for Grade 8 - 2018.
2019 Applications Now Open for Grade 8 and 9.

Should you wish to further this discussion:

Please do contact the team at EDU360 Integrated Remedial Education on 011 234 1212 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today.

Justin Barry

Justin Barry is the Managing Director of EDU360, a registered specialist education provider in Gauteng, South Africa. Based in Johannesburg, Justin is driven by a life-long commitment to the SEN (Special Education Needs) community. He initiates and delivers SEN projects, with humanitarian and education goals, to benefit as many families and educators as possible, in the mainstream and LSEN education communities.

Experienced in a range of education settings - infant, junior primary, primary, preparatory, junior high, secondary, high, college and pupil referral units; Justin is passionate and committed to safeguarding academic fundamentals and scholarly activities.

As a resourceful teaching QTS (UK) specialist with international SEND (Special Education Needs & Disability - EU/UK/SA) experience, Justin professionally transitions the mainstream classroom and specialist educational environments to create an inclusive, technology-rich learning experience. He is familiar with EU, CAPS (SA) and NS (UK) curriculum contexts to lead effective personalised learning to all students, accommodating students with SEN and SEND, and ensuring school community cohesion.

Justin is dedicated to providing specific learning support to students, parents and educational practitioners interested in managing learning difference. Better.



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