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EDU360: Pandemic Proof Education for students with Complex Learning Challenges.

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EDU360: Pandemic Proof Education for students with Complex Learning Challenges.

Pandemic-Proof and Life-Proof? 

EDU360 is a new generation of Specialist High Schooling for teenagers in Gauteng. We love what we do because we understand the impact that a variety of learning challenges may have on a family. Our valuable services are growing in popularity through the pandemic, integrating countermeasures in Autism, Dissociation, Verbal, Non-Verbal, Processing Difficulties and Executive Functioning. Our dedicated team of 33 professionals share a common goal, successfully maximising the learning potential of each one of our students.

How has the pandemic impacted education?

The rapid response by schools and colleges to the impact of the pandemic means that students presenting with a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning difference are more likely to experience a subsequent learning performance degradation - visibly and invisibly!

Of course, an online school response is better than no response at all, however most students with learning needs resist change. Anything done fast, fails fast! This is especially prevalent with the rapid introduction of online education. Specifically, students exhibiting traits of Autism or ADD consider the concept of change to be highly inconvenient, unsettling or debilitating when managed inappropriately.

The pandemic brings tangible change and the idea that our lives are different for the foreseeable future. Change generates uncertainty and anxiety, leading to avoidance and isolation. The idea of working alone, online and unseen sounds appealing to most students. Unfortunately, working at home masks insecurities and a shortfall of the skills critical to the development of coherent and functional relationships.

What is pandemic proof education?

Pandemic-proof education comprises learning that is reflected upon, and teaching strategy, which is continually adjusted. In the specialist environment, for example - students presenting with ADD, an online curriculum requires offline services and supervision to make student online learning meaningful and relevant. Ironically, the better the offline support services, the better the quality of online learning experience. Pandemic proof education is more about skills and less about content - preparing students for life! Pandemic proof teaching is delivered reliably by the EDU360 team across several channels, consistently.

Why is pandemic proof education relevant?

An awareness of teaching time lost or content skipped due to Covid-19 guides academic planning in 2021/2. It is relatively straightforward to monitor student academic performance in a virtualised classroom, however social and emotional performance constructs are near impossible to observe and monitor at arm’s length. Students with learning challenges who appear to be managing well in an online-only environment often require offline student-and-teacher engagement to maintain a healthy social, emotional and academic trajectory.

Pandemic proof vs. life proof education

The EDU360 team encourages parents to shift their thinking and calm their fears. The response to the pandemic is maturing and the Coronavirus post-peak period is upon us. An alternative high school format for teenagers does exist - providing solutions that manage learning difference, through the pandemic, for life.

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Parents - email EDU360 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today!
Our school is a living, breathing and technologically connected gateway to learning.
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Justin Barry

Justin Barry is the Managing Director of EDU360, a registered specialist education provider in Gauteng, South Africa. Based in Johannesburg, Justin is driven by a life-long commitment to the SEN (Special Education Needs) community. He initiates and delivers SEN projects, with humanitarian and education goals, to benefit as many families and educators as possible, in the mainstream and LSEN education communities.

Experienced in a range of education settings - infant, junior primary, primary, preparatory, junior high, secondary, high, college and pupil referral units; Justin is passionate and committed to safeguarding academic fundamentals and scholarly activities.

As a resourceful teaching QTS (UK) specialist with international SEND (Special Education Needs & Disability - EU/UK/SA) experience, Justin professionally transitions the mainstream classroom and specialist educational environments to create an inclusive, technology-rich learning experience. He is familiar with EU, CAPS (SA) and NS (UK) curriculum contexts to lead effective personalised learning to all students, accommodating students with SEN and SEND, and ensuring school community cohesion.

Justin is dedicated to providing specific learning support to students, parents and educational practitioners interested in managing learning difference. Better.



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