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EduExcellence: The First Real Online Remedial School

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    Our neuro-developmental approach provides the foundational aspects that we need in all aspects of life, be it social, emotional or academic

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EduExcellence: The First Real Online Remedial School

If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught us, it is the fact that those who can adapt to and tolerate change will win the game. Life as we know it has changed forever and the skills that we thought were important yesterday, will not necessarily assist us tomorrow. Now more than ever it is important to provide our children with the necessary skills to be equipped for the future.

Resilience, the ability to bounce back after a setback, and tolerance to change are skills that can assist you in any life circumstance. These skills require a solid neuro-developmental foundation as the brain is the source of action and potential. By focusing on neuro-development, with a holistic view of all aspects that might impact neuro-development, we know that we can future-proof our children for a life we, ourselves cannot yet conceive of.

A neuro-developmental approach provides the foundational aspects that we need in all aspects of life, be it social, emotional or academic

EduExcellence Satellites

During the lockdown EduExcellence pivoted quickly and seamlessly to an online planform. EduExcellence Satellites now provides our bespoke educational offering to children across the country with the possibility of assisting expat families moving across boarders as and when needed. Our skilled teachers will assist your child in the comfort of your own home, with techniques and strategies to make learning accessible and fun. Our methods allow for online dictation and accommodation accordingly to your child’s personal needs and educational profile.

EduExcellence Schools

After more than 14 years in the industry, we know and understand that a personal approach to learning is the best approach. Known for our bespoke educational program, we continue to bring the best out in your child. We assist children within our sensory sensitive environment in a small classroom setup from Grade R to 12 with our CAPS aligned curriculum. Daily neuro-developmental activities are presented in line with our TheraEd Approach.

EduExcellence Centres

Flexible placement options allow EduExcellence to support your child as needed. Some of our children cannot follow a mainstream curriculum and is in need of a more hands-on life orientated skillset. Our EduExcellence Centres have a ration of 1:8 and presents ASDAN short course programs with real life experience and protected work placement. Our unique specialized neuro-developmental approach is of particular importance in setting.

Agile Neuro-Development

Flexible thinking is the culmination of a variety of underlying neuro-developmental subsystems that can adapt and change to our surroundings quickly, effective and efficiently. By creating a therapeutic environment, where the teachers become co-therapists, we are able to assist our learners in the moment as need be. All our campuses have therapists to provide emotional support and annual Auditory Integration Training is presented to all our learners on physical campuses. Our TheraEd Approach includes daily personalized neuro-developmental activities to strengthen the underlying subsystems needed for life and learning.

The Assessment Centre

In order for EduExcellence to provide a personalised educational approach, we need to really understand the profile of each child. During our three-day school visit, we conduct an in-depth assessment to plot neuro-developmental, neuro-cognitive and biochemical aspects on our unique iMAP™. These insights assist us to design a personalized iDevelop™ program. The specialist report not only presents the results, but also provide educational insight to both parents and teachers in order to optimally assist your child. Open to the public, we assess children on the spectrum and guide parent to the best possible options for their children.

Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen

Dr. Beulah van der Westhuizen, an award winning entrepreneur and Educational Psychologist, has a legacy of ground breaking and life changing approaches and ventures to assist children in need of remedial assistance, special needs education and those on the Autistic Spectrum. She founded EduExcellence, a bespoke schooling system in 2006 in Lynnwood, Pretoria and has since expanded to the Western Cape. This unique schooling system is based on TheraEd™, which she designed after completing her doctorate in neuro­development.



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