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Dutch Boy

I stopped trying to yank him into my world and instead tried to enter his. 

When your child wont eat – not even ice cream.

My son, Ethan, does not choose to eat and has been on a prolonged hunger strike since he turned one...

How do I do what I do? Here’s my response…

A Father’s Words on Autism

I believe it is time for more fathers of children with special needs to make their voices heard

10 Things Every Parent of Kids with Special Needs Should Hear

Parenting a child with a disability through the teen years

Having survived the transition through puberty, I know that for us, it was a roller coaster.

Dear Wife, You Are the Best Mom to Our Son With Autism

My Children Are Not Problems To Be Solved

I struggle with thinking of my boys as puzzles to be solved, as jumbled messes...

Part 2: Who will take care of my child if I get Covid?

If a child's parent or caregiver is sick with COVID-19, follow the following steps...

It Will Get Better

It wasn’t easy and it didn’t just “get better” as quickly as I was hoping...

Five things your speech therapist wishes you knew

The ADHD Cycle

He’s a live wire. An exposed nerve. Raw and throbbing.

How to support your Unique, Quirky Child

When your child behaves differently from others, it's endearing — but is it OK?

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