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Tuesday, 08 February 2022 12:25

When the Struggle with Writing is Real

When the Struggle with Writing is Real

They struggle to organize and use mechanics of writing.

Thursday, 03 February 2022 15:47

The Unexpected Road to Unexpected Blessings

The Unexpected Road to Unexpected Blessings

 They, too, have discovered unexpected blessings like perseverance...

Can Ear Infections Impact Speech and Language Development?

When a child has fluid in their middle ear, they cannot hear sounds as well...

Thursday, 09 December 2021 09:32

Dutch Boy

Dutch Boy

I stopped trying to yank him into my world and instead tried to enter his. 

Sunday, 05 December 2021 16:09

Help! My Child won't Sleep!

Help! My child won’t sleep!

Tips written by parents for parents of children with disabilities.

Should You Tell Your Child about Their Disability or Diagnosis?

I understand why many parents don’t tell their children about their disabilities; but the kids know...

Tuesday, 09 November 2021 11:52

Faith Fourie

Faith Fourie

A sense of humour is vital and it has kept us sane and connected through some stressful times.

Love and Special Needs—Overcoming Your Fears as a Parent helping your child navigate the dating world

Friday, 05 November 2021 09:41

Why You Need to get your Child Standing

Why You Need to Get Your Child Standing

Fractures. Constipation. Hips out of their sockets. Tight hamstrings. Orthopedic surgery. Casts and uncomfortable braces...

When your child wont eat – not even ice cream.

My son, Ethan, does not choose to eat and has been on a prolonged hunger strike since he turned one...

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