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Flutterbys: Special Education and Therapy Centre

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Flutterbys: Special Education and Therapy Centre

Flutterbys is now in it’s 12th year, our dream of catering for special needs children throughout their development has come to fruition. At Flutterbys we specialise in the different ages and stages our children go, our property is divided into the various centres, starting with Flutterbabes.

Flutterbabes addresses the specialised education needs of children with mild to moderate physical and intellectual challenges aged 1-3. Flutterbabes comprises the Pre-Foundation Phase 1.

Flutterbys addresses the early intervention needs of children with mild to moderate physical and intellectual challenges aged 3-9. Flutterbys comprises the Pre-Foundation Phase 2.

Serurubele addresses the specialised education needs of children with mild to moderate physical and intellectual challenges aged 6-15. Serurubele comprises the Reception Phase, Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase.

We are currently developing the Senior Phase with the aim to focus on career development and life skills, with the introduction of various academic and technical certified courses.

The Inkululeko Vocational Centre addresses the specialised education needs of teenagers and young adults with mild to moderate physical and intellectual challenges. The focus of this programme is on skills development and entrepreneurship.

The High Care Unit addresses the specialised education and stimulation of needs of children with severe physical and intellectual challenges. This programme is developed under the supervision of a highly experienced and qualified NDT physiotherapist. The focus of this programme is on improving quality of life.

Flutterfriends incorporates our afternoon and holiday care programme and acts as a general learning support centre for the community.

Flutterbys is a facility catering for any child who does not fit into the conventional education system due to their own specific challenges. Our primary philosophy is that the system of education must fit the needs of the child and unlock their potential, it is not for the child to fit into a system that doesn’t work for them.

Our Belief:

We have an absolute passion for our children which is fuelled by the conviction that given the right environment and approach any of these kids will not only learn but thrive. It is a privilege and unbelievable joy to spend every day witnessing little miracles happen, to watch as they take charge of their own learning and develop beyond most people’s expectation. We sincerely believe that our students can reach their potential and become functional, productive and compassionate adults, yes, they need therapy but they also just need a chance, given some time and someone to look beyond what makes them different and just accept them for the incredible little people that they are as they are. We strive to empower our students to be all that they can be and help them embrace the fact that they have something very special to offer society.

Currently we cater for:
• Children from the age of 1 to 25 years
• All disabilities, syndromes, differences and difficulties

Our Programme:

Every child is an individual and so too is their programme. Regardless of the child’s learning challenges and with the use of specialized equipment and tools, the children follow a routine specially formulated for them. The activities are arranged and graded according to the child’s individual strengths and weaknesses in their own specific programme. The focus is on addressing all the underlying skills necessary for functionality. By determining the child’s developmental age and through a bottom-up approach which addresses all planes of development successful learning is achieved.

We follow the CAPS curriculum by using Montessori, Sensory Integration and DIR/Floortime approaches.

Enrichment Activities Incorporated into our Programmes:
• Swimming (done at an enclosed heated facility)
• Sports
• Computers
• Natural and Social Science
• Art
• Music
• Afrikaans
• Economics
• Outings and camp

Additional Therapeutic Approaches Incorporated into our Programmes:
• Tomatis Auditory Integration Therapy
• Neurodevelopmental techniques
• Oral motor planning techniques
• Relationship development intervention
• Pivotal response therapy
• Applied Behavioural Analysis
• Therapeutic Listening

Our Facilities:
Flutterbys situated on a beautiful spacious plot in Midrand, close to the main road.
We have:
• Music room
• Discovery centre
• Play grounds with jungle gyms and sandpits
• Occupational therapy room
• Speech and psychology room
• Sports field
• Gross motor and Floortime rooms
• Vegetable gardens
• Petting Zoo
• Sensory room

Additional Services
• Transport
• Aftercare/Holiday Care
• Lunch at the Canteen
• Tuck Shop

Therapies Available on-site
• Speech/Feeding Therapy
• Occupational Therapy
• Physiotherapy
• Play therapy

Additional Extra Murals
• Horse riding,
• Piano and Guitar Lessons
• Pottery

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a visit to our school:

Contact Person: Kayla Krueger
Address: 13 Hofmeyer Road President Park Midrand
Contact Number: 082-498-6768
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Natalie Jamieson

Founder Natalie Jamieson has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, an Honors Degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree in Special Education and a Montessori Teaching Diploma. I and our team have an absolute passion for these children which is fueled by the conviction that given the right environment and approach any of these kids will not only learn but thrive.



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