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Unity Vocational Training Centre

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    A training centre that provides vocational training to adult students with special needs, giving skills to young people so that they can become active members of our society.

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Unity Vocational Training Centre

Our Mission

We endeavour to provide outstanding vocational training to adult students with special educational needs in the field of the hospitality industry, through integrated learning in a real time learning and working environment.

About us

The Unity Vocational Training Centre (VTC), based in Chartwell North Estates, Fourways is a training centre that provides vocational training to adult students with special needs. The VTC will equip them with knowledge and practical experience in the hospitality field.

The aim of the VTC is to equip students with a qualification in the form of a certificate on completion of the course. We aim to train students to form part of a productive society; and to realize their dreams and aspirations.

Our students struggle to enter the employment market as a result of limited vocational specific training provided by traditional educational institutions. The VTC therefore aims to remove these barriers through practical training excellence.

Operational offering

• Operating a coffee shop/café/training centre, serving hot and cold beverages as well as assorted light meals, prepared and served to customers by the students undergoing training in the different aspects of hospitality, as well as, a fully functioning commercial laundry, serving the community and small businesses in providing a laundry service to paying customers.
• To enrol students to undergo training in different aspects of hospitality services; provided by the coffee shop/café and laundry.
• Accommodating students on a flexible learning basis according to the specific needs and abilities of each student.
• To expand the venture into further areas of vocational training as and when the need and facilities arise.


Hospitality industry training consisting of: health and safety, hygiene, basic food preparation, customer service, basic admin (stock control and front of house).
Commercial laundry training consisting of: front of office customer service, labelling of washing, sorting for washing, different washing methods, drying methods, folding of washing, ironing of washing, packaging of clean washing and invoicing of clients.

The VTC courses will be based on Individual Study Programs, designed for each student, according to their needs and abilities.

• Flexible training course with full-time or part-time options.
• Full-time course in Hospitality Assistance will span over 200 days at 7,5hr/day. 
• Studies will consist of approximately 15% theory and 85% practical. 
• Students will be assessed in both areas.
• The course will cover the five main areas of hospitality support:
  Hygiene Control
  Food Preparation
  Customer Service
  Health and Safety
  Laundry Competency
• Course dates will correspond to the Unity College four term calendar. 
• Bus routes are available from Midrand, Honeydew and the Parktown area. 
• Certificates are structured over the successful completion of the 200 day full-time course.

Fee structure

Daily fee: R450 (if an individual training stucture is agreed upon)
Monthly fee: R7 800 per month over an 11 month period
Annual fee: R77 000 (if paid before 31 January 2020)

Application and assessment deposit: R3 000 (non-refundable)

Upon successful acceptance of a student, a uniform consisting of one branded golf shirt, one branded cap and one apron will be supplied to the student at no additional cost. Additional uniforms can be purchased from the VTC. (Prices to be advised at time of order.)
An orientation file and study guide will be provided to each successful applicant.
Student identification will be supplied and must be worn at all times.

For more information:
contact Johann du Preez-Ackerman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unity College

Unity College is an independent special needs school which promotes the potential of learners through the provision of high quality education in order to equip each learner with skills to become productive, integrated members of society.



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