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You Know You're A Sensory Parent When...

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    Being a parent of a child with SPD is not an easy task. On a day to day basis you are muddling through mirky waters and difficult situations.

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You Know You're A Sensory Parent When...

1. Your child licks EVERYTHING.

2. You make five different things hoping your child eats something.

3. You have 10 pairs of socks to throw at your child each morning... hoping that one pair will “feel right.”

4. Your child tells you to be quiet or turn off the radio or TV, but he speaks so loud you consider buying headphones for yourself.

5. You have an indoor swing and trampoline.

6. You suddenly develop sensory issues yourself... from spending a lot of time with your kid.

7. You cut EVERY tag out of EVERY product your children have, immediately!

8. You have to bring food with you everywhere you go because you know he won’t/can’t eat other foods.

9. You walk into a public restroom and pray to God nobody flushes in the stall next to you.

10. You read all of these and think, “Yup - that’s us, too. Glad we’re not the only ones!”

11. Your child’s Christmas presents were all recommended by your OT and you knew he would be ecstatic to get them.

12. It takes two parents to hold your child down to cut their nearly ingrown toenails.

13. You cut your child’s finger nails and toe nails while they are sleeping.

14. You hope there are NO hand dryers in a public bathroom after washing hands. Complete TRAUMA!

15. You no longer notice you’re a living jungle gym being climbed on.

16. You actually question if pants are really that necessary for school. (Only for a moment of course)

17. You send your child to school wearing a Halloween costume because that is all that they will wear.

18. Your child’s behaviour in the local pharmacy makes you want to smack (not your child) self-righteous old ladies standing in the queue ahead of you!

19. When you become a hermit because leaving the house results in major meltdowns!

20. You carry post-it notes in your purse to cover the “auto-sensor” flushing toilets.

21. When your kids cover their ears at everything loud but wanna ride the vacuum and scream over each other or talk loudly.

22. You child cover ears while “Happy Birthday” is sung.

23. You have to consider how soft stuffed animals/blankies/clothes are so that they are “softing” worthy.

24. You have to seriously do research on what toys are most durable because, if not, they will not last 72 hours without getting broken.

25. You avoid things that would be typically fun, such as birthday parties or events.

26. Your child lies upside down to watch his favourite show.

27. Your child wants you to talk quietly, but he’s always yelling.

28. You hope your 3 year old has started talking, has given up her sippy cup & is potty trained by the time she starts kindergarten.

29. You have to check every item of clothing for tags, loose threads and uneven seams. You need to make sure they’re not too tight or too loose and have comfortable fabric, etc.

30. Your child strips down to undies or gets naked as soon as they walk through the door.

31. Your most frequently spoken sentence is “Get that out of your mouth.”

32. You take family photos and later you notice your child is licking his sibling’s high chair in one. Then you decide you like that one best – because it looks more real!

33. You get excited that you got your son to actually eat something good.

34. You stop going out to eat at restaurants.

35. You nod in agreement or can smile because as you are reading all these you know you aren’t alone.

36. Your kiddo pushes into you hard, but sometimes if someone barely touches her she screams bloody murder.

37. You try explaining sensory issues only to get that blank stare.

38. You know in your heart the things you are doing may seem strange, but they work.

39. The judgment does not matter because you’re just doing what is best for your child.

40. You realize eating out with the family means getting takeout.

41. Your bag/purse has more of their stuff in it than your own.

42. You find yourself crying in the bathroom so he doesn’t see your hurt for him.

43. You know most of your furniture will not make it out of the house alive.

44. A haircut is a loud and long process that sometimes takes several people to complete.

45. You have to excuse yourself/your child for a sensory meltdown.

46. Parents around you gasp in quiet shock when they see what your child has done, such as finger painting the bathroom mirror with toothpaste.

47. You always have a chewy in your purse... and a back up.

48. Your child touches absolutely EVERYTHING he walks by.

49. You carry multiple shirts because you know the sleeves and neck will be soaked in no time.

50. You get relief out of fidget toys, too.

Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support

My name is Jeanette Baker-Loftus and Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support is a community that I started over seven years ago to share with others what I have learned from my own two children who have special needs and have been diagnosed with multiple diagnosis including Sensory Processing Disorder.  This is a safe place to find support, get to know other parents who have children with SPD, ask questions, learn, share success and spread awareness.



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