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Financial Pressure Straining Marriages

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    Financial stress can really put a strain on a marriage

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Financial Pressure Straining Marriages

What is happening to us?

Many parents caring for a disabled child will tell you outright: the costs are greater. If that’s you, you might be finding that these extra financial stresses are causing a strain on your relationship. If, as a couple, you’ve never dealt with financial struggles or argued about money before, this may be new territory for you both.

This can be tough to work through with your partner because the impact of financial worry is so consuming. And of course, it has an impact on almost every aspect of daily life, which makes it harder for your relationship to thrive.

Why is this happening?

Many families endure financial hardships but, financially speaking, is it really more difficult for families with disabled children? The short answer to this is yes.

This is mainly due to the fact that many items need to be specialised – the 'bog-standard' versions simply won’t be fit for purpose, and specialised items can cost significantly more. The specifics are obviously dependent on the disability in question, but many parents can expect to face several expenses on:
• Special dietary requirements
• Specialised equipment and toys
• Caregiver

• Some items and equipment costs may never have occurred to you as requiring modifications, but for some disabled children, specialised versions of the same item are absolutely essential for their safety and usage. 

These are not lifestyle costs, but basic costs for the same living standards.

For many parents in similar situations, this is on top of other expenses too, including additional care needs, additional heating, clothing and laundry needs, and travel to appointments.

Unfortunately for some parents, financial strains don’t stop there. Parents are often entitled to financial support through the government, but because the word ‘disability’ is a large umbrella term for many circumstances and needs, the process for getting support is not always straightforward. Many parents with disabled children aren’t sure of exactly what they qualify for. This uncertainty will just add to the frustrations felt by many.

This extra financial pressure can impact the family as a whole, but also the relationship on parenting couples.

But why does financial stress specifically impact the relationship so much?

Here's a few of the main reasons:

• Couples may never have faced the strain before, so they are not experienced with handling disagreements on the subject.

• The main provider can feel an increased sense of pressure to earn more. Feelings of guilt can fester and this can be quite negative for the relationship.

• Expectations of 'family life' might be different to what new parents had imagined, which can result in feeling somewhat disenchanted. This feeling can cause some to withdraw from their partners and the people around them.

• When families are ‘comfortable’ financially, it usually means they have freedom and options. In a relationship or family where you’re limited by finance, it can feel like you’re restricted or trapped. These feelings can really affect your behaviour towards one another.


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