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Meet the Parents

Emile and Vicky Labuschagne

Not only does a sick child have an affect on your marriage but on the other siblings too.

Morné and Shelley Foot

Conrad exhibits so much love, understanding and compassion, it would be a shame for people to lose out because they are afraid of his autism.

Nicolette Ripepi

For Tyler to live his life to the full, he has been denied so many things because of his differences...

Sunera James

She wakes up every morning smiling despite her severe challenges, it reminds me not to complain...

Nerisha Saman

Our household is a happy one with plenty of music and story telling...

Dewald and Amanda Beukes

It is a demanding role and very challenging at the best of times but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Mike and Anne Willemse

Craig is such a leveller. He asks for nothing yet gives so much.

Alec and Lauren Schoeman

An extra chromosome shouldn't be a factor in Nicholas pursuing his dreams.

Frans and Kelly du Plessis

Chronically ill children change every part of you: from your outlook on life, to your parenting, from your energy levels to your persistence...

Bernadine Cloete

I hope Calvin knows how much I love him and how committed we are to him...

Noel and Ilse Ross

This is a really difficult one for me to answer, a mother and father want so many things for their child...

Anindita and Surva Paul

Always remember he is your child first and then comes the fact that he has Down Syndrome...

Sean and Nikki McMahon

She is a wild and wonderful child with so much love in her...


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meet the parents