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Meet the Parents

Mario and Jade Da Silva

Aiden takes his illness in his stride, accepting his circumstances, as difficult as they are...

Gilberto and Anelise Fiuza

Hugo, smiles and loves receiving all the attention he can get, he is so adorable...

Ilze Jacobs

To always be as happy as she is now, to be carefree and accepted by the world...

Yvonne Grimbeek

He has taught me that there is nothing like a child’s hug to...

Juanie Lundie

You are good enough, beautiful enough and strong enough...

Candice Hirson

They are in a school where they are understood and not rejected or judged...

Russel and Veronica Steyn

Time has allowed for healing, for accepting and for loving Carla for who she is...

Abraham and Gloria Motsoane

He interacts very well with other people...

Johan and Mariza van Deventer

Migael’s Labrador Sam is also a BIG part of his life, they’ve been best friends for 7 years...

Satish Soni and Dr Rakhee Singh

There are so many beautiful things to see if you can appreciate and experience life through the lens of an autist.

Bruford and Antoinette Harvie

Having a special needs child is extremely challenging but just as rewarding...

Graeme and Bianca Birdsey

They’ve taught me that “different” can really be beautiful!

Neal and Terry Sundstrom

I have big dreams and little dreams for her. Practical and impractical...


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meet the parents