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Meet the Parents

Brian and Vanessa Gibson

Thank you to every single person who celebrates our Michael, who cheers him on in his race.

Nick and Chloe Jansen

I think sometimes we need to take the pressure OFF ourselves as moms...

Nyasha and Mary-Anne Mhizha

I pray for the gift of life so that we can continue this journey together with him...

Brandon and Fiona Hall

Calem is loved and accepted for who he is, from his school to his home, he is surrounded by patient kind people...

Johann and Shannon Pretorius

Dylan is a real fighter and has had a hard time of it. He has taught me to have faith and to be strong...

Andi Fairhurst

Lucien loves the water, so anytime we spend together swimming or being on the beach is always very special for us...

Thandiwe Mathibela

I put her to sleep by getting in bed with her and letting her sleep on my chest, these moments I treasure...

Kerry and Henry Craukamp

She gives me the strength to get up every day and be as brave as she is.

Sidney and Deidre Warner

I have realised with Evan, we need to take it one day at a time and try not to worry about the future too much...

Patrick and Justine Brown

We are always trying to do our best not only for Mikayla but for our other kids and sometimes the stress is too much.

Gary and Sarah Rogers

I have learned that the journey is where life happens. That being present and grateful are the foundational building blocks of a happy life.

Rhonel van Loggerenberg

I am happiest when I see the bond between her and her brother - their love and connection is so pure and without any judgement or expectation.

Charmaine De Beer

To continue being a light in this world.


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meet the parents