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Meet the Parents

Leigh Hawthorn

His chest was not caving in anymore, he had the normal pinkish tone to his skin, I knew my son was going to be okay...

Gilberto and Anelise Fiuza

Hugo, smiles and loves receiving all the attention he can get, he is so adorable...

Paul and Monika Croll

Knowing that autism is not something to be cured but something to relax into, to adapt to...

Wayne and Naomi Luyt

We truly wanted a child and are so grateful to have Liam in our life...

Sergio and Ana Simoes

I can’t say challenges because this little man of mine just doesn’t believe in the word challenge...

Shaun and Leigh Murphy

Nicholas has taught me to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, if you are feeling happy then smile...

Wayne and Estelle Nabal

When she looks into our eyes, it feels like she is looking right into our souls, this is her way of telling us she loves us...

Aidan and Justine Quinn

Isabella loves to be tickled walking and bedtime ritual. Both love lots of cuddles...

Reggie and Andrea Lehmensich

Our family time is precious; we are always finding ways to make new, happy memories. Faith is the most loving, sweet and sensitive...

Ryan and Carmen Vessey

All milestones that are achieved bring so much joy. Bailey is a very special little girl and lights up your heart with her smile...

Jan and Krystyna Vlok

Connor has been through so much, from such an early age and I really believe that this has given him a strong character. He is such a happy...


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meet the parents