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To Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy, From an Adult with CP

The most important thing you can do is to listen to your child, and empower them to make their own...

Calming Foods for Hyperactive Kids (Yes, really)

Processed food is full of synthetic compounds that do not play nicely with the natural chemistry of our bodies.

14 Drooling Tips for your Child with Special Needs

For many parents of children with special needs, drooling is a common yet difficult issue to address.

A StepBEYOND Mainstream Education

Integrating skills to manage learning difference. Better.

Improve your Child’s School Perfomance with a Good Night’s Sleep

How’s your child doing in school? An improvement in his grades may be no further away than a good night’s sleep.

Introducing your Child to His or Her Diagnosis 

The process of explaining the diagnosis is ongoing...

Getting your Child to wear their Glasses

If you’re struggling to get your child to wear glasses, you’re not alone.

5 Tips to get your special needs child back into the school routine, quick and easy!

Follow these guidelines during the back-to-school season to minimize...

Moving to High School – What every concerned parent needs to know

We support students with unique potential to manage their learning difference...

Braveheart Capes

Bravery can only come from having something to be brave about.

Sunshine Association: START Training Programme

A hands on training programme for the stimulation and development of children with disabilities...

The Tools to give our children to cope with their disabilities

Our children need to see their disability as neither a good thing nor a bad thing - just a thing...

EDU360 Integrated Remedial Education

 We assist students to manage learning difference. Better.

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