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Easing Back-to-School Challenges for Children with Special Needs

How to prepare your child with special needs for the back-to-school transition...

How Nutrition Impacts Muscle Tone

Nutrition can make all the difference in the management of low muscle tone...

Was I Wrong to Drug my Son?

After a contradictory ADHD diagnosis - and drugs with scary side effects - he discovered a simple treatment that works...

Feeding your Special Child over the festive season.

Whatever you may be celebrating this holiday season (Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, etc.) here are some practical tips to survive...


Galactosaemia is a genetic condition that affects the body’s ability to process galactose...

Classroom Support for Children with Auditory Processing Disorders

APD is a hearing or listening problem caused by the brain not processing sounds...

Your First AFOs (Ankle Foot Orthotics)

Ankle foot Orthotics are typically used for children with difficulty standing or walking...

Play Date Troubles? 10 Strategies for Success

While it may seem easier to avoid play dates all together, they are important...

Why Boredom is Good for Your Child

Children need to encounter and engage with the raw stuff that life is made of: unstructured time...

When the leaky faucet won't turn off: Dealing with Drooling

Drooling occurs as a part of natural development in almost all young children...

Feeding problems associated with Chronic Heart Disease in Children

Feeding solutions for children with CHD...

Glutaric Acidaemia type 1

Nutritional advice for children with Glutaric Acidaemia type 1

Going into Hospital

Don’t assume the hospital will automatically know how to cope with your child’s special needs...

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