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A life with few answers: Questioning in Rare Diseases

My hope is that one day, the answers will outnumber the questions.

I see my Son’s Future, and I’m Worried

I worry but I also trust, with a mother’s heart, that in the end you’ll be just fine.

My Rules for Moms at Playdates

A few rules to agree on before you child comes over to play...

What to say (and what not to say) When a Baby is Born with Special Needs

Tell it right. From the start.

Mothers Like Us: Contemplating My Tribe

As my son’s disabilities became obviously permanent, I began to discover...

Developmental Delay, Menstruation and Denial

You know what’s complicated to explain? Menstruation.

Life is But a Dream

I have found that it is a common occurrence to be both filled with the sweet joy of happiness and the pulling...

A boy with Hearing Loss Speaks to the World

When sound is unknown to you, it can sometimes be an overwhelming...

The Small Difference between Special Needs Parents and Everyone Else

Parenting a special needs child is not that different.

Would you cure your child’s disability, if you could?

If you had a magic wand that could “cure” your child’s disability, would you use it?

How to Survive a Dual Diagnosis

Hearing the words “dual diagnosis” can be frightening for parents of a child with special needs...

Rethinking Denial

If you’ve ever used the phrase, or been accused of “living in denial,” you know that those three words...

Why Patience is Essential to Raise Special Needs Children

Raising special needs children has been an adventure...

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