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For the therapist, from the mom

You’re the first people that she gets introduced to, and I’m nervously hoping that you’ll offer...

What it feels like to be a Special Needs Dad

Just because the articles aren’t there, it doesn’t mean we’re not...

Dear Parent: About That Kid...

You know that kid, right? I am sure you already have a picture in your head...

Special Needs Parenting and Dating - Can they Co-Exist?

Dating is difficult. Dating as a single parent is even more difficult. Throw in a child with special needs and...

5 Reasons Moms Lose Patience, and 5 Ways to Build it.

A list of ideas for developing this all important character trait.

Old Girl On the Block

There comes a time when all the busyness and angst of the early years falls way...

Is your Nanny Burning Out?

No matter how wonderful your nanny is or how dedicated she is to your children...

Handling Unwanted Advice

Graceful ways to handle unsolicited parenting advice, even if it comes from your family...

Welcome To The Club

An Open Letter To A friend.

What impact is your Special Needs child having on your Relationship?

That got your attention, right? It doesn’t matter whether you are parenting...

10 Things I Wish You Knew - A Note from a Special Kid to Special Parents

I expect you to stick up for me, but, I do not expect you to change the world...

Care in the Home: An Honest Perspective

While care in the home is extremely valuable, it does not come without challenges...

Sharing Concerns

Friends, relatives, or caregivers may have concerns about a child’s development, but are unsure of how to raise the issue...

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