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Why Are You So Afraid of My Child with Special Needs?

I am sad this little boy is being taught it’s OK to end friendships if the other person acts differently from you.

‘Ten Mistakes’ that Parents of a child with Autism make.

Keep trying, keep learning, keep asking for help.

Hospital Living

Living and dealing with the unknowns.

Autism Night Before Christmas

This poem is written by a mother who has a child with Autism.

20 Things that Parenting a Child with Special Needs has taught me about Life.

I may have learned these things, but that doesn’t mean I have mastered them...

A life with few answers: Questioning in Rare Diseases

My hope is that one day, the answers will outnumber the questions.

I see my Son’s Future, and I’m Worried

I worry but I also trust, with a mother’s heart, that in the end you’ll be just fine.

My Rules for Moms at Playdates

A few rules to agree on before you child comes over to play...

What to say (and what not to say) When a Baby is Born with Special Needs

Tell it right. From the start.

Mothers Like Us: Contemplating My Tribe

As my son’s disabilities became obviously permanent, I began to discover...

Developmental Delay, Menstruation and Denial

You know what’s complicated to explain? Menstruation.

Life is But a Dream

I have found that it is a common occurrence to be both filled with the sweet joy of happiness and the pulling...

A boy with Hearing Loss Speaks to the World

When sound is unknown to you, it can sometimes be an overwhelming...

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