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My child has special needs. Don’t feel sorry for her, or me.

Let’s end the pity parties for special-needs children and their parents, and have a real party to celebrate the differences that make our world a better — dare I say a “special” — place.

The Loneliness of Special Needs Parents

Unless you’re one of the lucky few, the isolation can almost become an even bigger battle than the diagnosis.

5 compliments you need to stop giving about children with Down Syndrome

Constant compliments can do more harm than good...

I Broke: I’ll Never Forgive Myself for Hitting My Autistic Son

One mother offers an intimate and personal look into loosing it with her child.

I Hate When People Use the Word Retarded

My short ventilation about how the “r-word” should not be part of anyone’s vocabulary.

Dad’s of Disability: 26 Days

In the first 26 days of my son’s life, I did more for him than my father has done for me in my entire life.

10 Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

Because the world can look different to a child on the autism spectrum...

You Know You’re A Sensory Parent When...

Being a parent of a child with SPD is not an easy task...

Learning to Let your Special Needs Child go

If you’re the parent of a high functioning child with a disability here’s what you need to know...

NICU Mom: You are Finally Going Home

There were honestly moments when I thought this day would never come...

I Blamed Autism for My Divorce

Autism didn’t cause our divorce. The heartbreak of it did.

If Acceptance Does Not Mean Giving Up: What Does it Mean?

My son taught me the meaning of unconditional love,to honor his sacred right to be loved for who he is...

A Special Needs Dad’s Viewpoint

But mostly, it brings meaning to what matters most… family, friends, and our support network. 

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