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How Retained Primitive Reflexes may affect your child

Retained primitive reflexes impede the development of postural reflexes...

Myths and Realities About Language Disorders

Language disorders are commonly misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

Your ADHD Child: What Can You Expect From Medication?

Isn’t that a lot to ask from one pill?

Dear Teacher, my child has Apraxia.

What if you are a teacher who will have a child with apraxia in your classroom next year?

ADHD and Excessive Anger

Some kids with ADHD experience frequent anger outbursts.

Feeding Issues that come with Sensory Processing Disorders

Having your child refuse to eat any foods that are not white and soft in consistency can be maddening...

Is my Special Needs Child getting enough Fluids?

As the summer months approach and temperatures rise, dehydration becomes a concern for children...

Am I Spoiling My Child or Accommodating His Special Needs?

This message of shame and guilt has followed me for almost twelve years now...

Why Low Muscle Tone Affects Pencil Grasp

It’s easy to imagine that low muscle tone only affects the big muscles but it can also make things difficult for children when writing.

Toe Walking in Children with Autism

Toe walking is when a child remains on their toes throughout all the phases of gait...

Not quite “Typical”, Not quite “Special” - For the mom of the undiagnosed child.

I’ve written this, my story – my son’s story – for all the moms out there who are in this awkward...

Is ‘INCLUSION’ Really The Answer For Children with Special Needs?

Are we able to meet the needs of students with disabilities in fully inclusive environments...

Sleep Problems in Children With Autism

Did you know that children with autism spectrum disorders have more sleep-related problems than other children...

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